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Product description:

Special construction of probówko - strzykawki i igły Monovette® secures full protection against contact with the collected blood.
When several samples of blood are collected from one inserted needle, after disconnection of one filled in S-Monovette, the needle is left inserted into the vein. The free end of the needle prevents blood flow until the next S-Monovette is connected. The S-Monovette filled with sample blood is sealed with the  rubber membrane.

Monovette® Safety Needle with Integral Holder.
The special cannula with the two-side edge and the holder are delivered in the form of sterile integral disposable needle. This eliminates a potential risk of infection, which accompanies the sue of non-sterile re-usable holders, which need to be connected with the cannula before blood collection.
Multi-Adapter allows adaptation of a Luer system to the S – Monovette®.
The membrane adapter allows to administer the medicine using a normal syringe and the Monovette® needle.

System offering the possibility to select the method of collection.
This system allows to choose the blood collection technique directly before the blood collection, suitable for the condition of the patient’s veins.

The Aspiration method:
This method is recommended especially in case of “difficult” – fragile, at risk of collapse veins, from older patients and children. Monovette®  needle is assembled with the S-Monovette directly before the blood collection – at that moment the inner blade punctures the membrane and the S-Monovette® is ready for use.
After venepuncture, blood is collected as with the use of normal syringe, by withdrawing the plunger.

The Vacuum method:
Directly before starting the collection, the vacuum is made in the S-Monovette by withdrawing the plunger until the”click” is heard, next the plunger shall be broken off. The vein is punctured with the needle held by the holder, then the prepared S- Monovette® is connected.
All S-Monovettes are with their labels.


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