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Kit for collection and transport of umbilical cord blood, placental blood and umbilical cord

The main product offered by the company is the kit for collection and transport of umbilical cord blood, placental blood and umbilical cord.
Foreign experts recognised it as one of the best kits of the kind in the world.
The kit produced by us, as well as our procedures and processes of providers selection, purchase of elements included in the kit, identifiability, assembly, transport, and communication with the hospital after a delivery have been audited many times.

Ecological cellulose absorbent, size 120 x 160 mm

Fully ecological inlays made of natural cellulose, with absorbency rate of MP1700.

70% alcohol disinfectant swabs

Disinfectant swabs for cleaning skin prior to an injection or a cosmetic procedure, made of natural, high-quality, biodegradable fabric with the density of 50g/m2, packed into sachets made of 3-layer laminate, soaked with a 70% solution of 2-propanol, fabric (swab) size 4×12 cm, sachet size 5×6 cm, packed into 100-piece cartons. The product has been licensed and approved for marketing and use by the Ministry of Health. 

3 – layer surgical face mask with elastic band, hypoallergenic

Excellent protective product. Prevents infections. 99% filtration efficacy (BFE). The mask is hypoallergenic, can be adjusted to fit face well. Thanks to high air permeability, the mask minimally restricts breathing. Special, hot-pressed nonwoven fabric on the face side creates comfortable working conditions.  There is no risk of fine fibres release during breathing. The mask is hypoallergenic and DOES NOT contain latex.

Sterile 2-layer drape in various sizes, with high absorbency rate

The packaging of each drape is labelled with two TAG stickers informing about the date of expiry and serial number of the drape, to be stuck in the patient record. The product is in a safe paper foil packaging suitable for transport and storage.

TOPGLOVE powder-free sterile gloves, size 7.5


  • The product conforms to EN 455 Standard, resistant to virus penetration according to ASTM F1671 Standard
  • The inner layer of the glove is coated with polymer
  • Powder-free, which eliminates the skin irritation caused by powder
  • Water permeability test - AQL 1.0


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