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Sterile sharp – blunt scissors, 14.5 cm

These innovative, steel, perfectly sterile instruments are always ready to be used immediately. A wide range of this line of instruments meets the needs of a number of surgical procedures, supplementing the attractiveness of the offer with the price, and the guarantee that they are sterility and ready to use.

Cold/hot gel compress, 26 x 16 cm

Soft, filled with gel, reusable compress to be used as universal cold-hot compress. Easy to use, durable and economical. Relieves of pain of varying aetiologies as well as bruises and injuries. The compress is filled with gel of high heat capacity and remains pliant even if significantly cooled.

HES 6 %, Preparation for biological material sedimentation

HES 6 %,  Preparation for biological material sedimentation.

PALL Freezing bag

Serves for storage of biological material in liquid nitrogen.

S-Monovette, 9ml Z Serum

 S-Monovette, 9ml Z Serum.

0,8 x 38 mm S-Monovette needle

0,8 x 38 mm S-Monovette needle.


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